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David talks about funding for P.S. 180 in


Harlem School Left in Cold on Fundraising 

HARLEM — Parents and administrators look at the closed-off space outside P.S. 180’s cafeteria, filled with thick brush and weeds, and envision an expansive oasis where kids learn about nature by planting a garden, practicing yoga or relaxing in the sunshine.

…They found David Mabbott, an architect with a son and daughter at the school, who waived the 10 to 12 percent fee he would typically charge on top of the $325,000 construction costs to design the project. “I did it for free because I’m invested in this school,” Mabbott said.

Officials at the school found construction firms willing to donate volunteer construction hours and materials. But with no cash in place, they said it’s hard to solicit money from others.

“We need that first donor in to start it,” said Mabbott. “If we could just get money to do the doors that would help a lot.”  Read more of the article by Jeff Mays

David Mabbott